PowerUSB – Digital IO Order Now

In addition to providing all the features of PowerUSB - Basic, the digital IO version provides 5 digital input/output lines for instrumentation and automation. The input lines will be at the ground level and act as a sink to detect 5V signal coming into the line. The input lines can detect signaled state of devices such as sensors and feed it to attached computer through USB interface. The output lines can be programmed to generate on-off state or a clock pulse to control signaling to digital devices.

The current model will have 3 inputs and 2 outputs with external opto-isolation board. The opto-isolation board will be supplied with option of 5V or 12V or 24V. The future model will have integrated opto-isolation board with 5 inputs and 4 outputs.

The PowerUSB - Digital IO provides an integrated power control and digital IO interface in a compact and cost effective form of a power strip. It is a general purpose industrial controller that can control power and signals.

Application Examples:

  • A conveyor motor is controlled by PowerUSB outlet. The input sensor detects the incoming object. The motor is switched on to move the object in the conveyor. When object reaches the output sensor the motor is turned off to keep the object in the conveyor
  • A photo snap system uses a camera that is powered by the controlled outlet. The camera is switched on only during operating hours. A sensor detects movement of a person and takes a snapshot of the person. Theme park photo system can be achieved using PowerUSB - digital IO.