PowerUSB – Smart Order Now

The smart model of PowerUSB is a standalone model that can be programmed using a computer. Once programmed, the device can be used independent of the computer. The smart model will have a reset switch that toggles the unit to three modes of operation




  • Programmed timed On-Off mode.
  • Smart mode to detect load switch on outlets
  • On mode with all outlets switched on

In the programmed mode, the device can be programmed to switch on-off on daily or weekly basis. Calendars can be setup for when the controlled outlets would be on and off. The units used in residences can be programmed to go on only during evenings and weekends when the user is at home. Similarly the office users can be setup to go off in evenings and weekends. In smart mode the controlled outlets are switched on only when the master outlet is drawing power. Switching on the TV, automatically powers on the slave devices such as DVD player. Smart Power Mode to switch on slave devices when master device is on. In the On mode, all the outlets are switched on all the time.

The built in LCD in this model displays the power consumed currently and total power consumed over a period of time. The LCD also displays the programmed times for each outlet and currently selected mode.

Application Examples:

  • TV is connected to always-on outlet. When TV is switched on,  the PowerUSB senses the load from TV and switches on the DVD player and digital receiver connected to controlled outlets.
  • Charismas lights are programmed with precision control to switch on and off for display or synchronized flash
  • Gardening Lighting and Watering can be controlled by programming the outlets to switch-on the water pump and solar lights at certain times.
  • Pet animal water and food dispensing can be controlled by programming the outlets to switch-on dispensing units at certain times.
  • Large lighted display board can display three (or more using multiple PowerUSB) independent lights with synchronized frequency. The 3 controlled outlets are programmed to go on-off with certain frequency